Subjects taught in English available for international students

Engineering Pubblicazione
Applied Production Economics (Master's degree) [37188-ENG] 21/06/2018
Cardiovascular Medicine, Neurology, General Medicine (Master's degree) [148001] 14/03/2018
Dynamic Systems Identification (Master's degree) [148004] 14/03/2018
Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation (Master's degree) [37027-ENG] 24/08/2011
Experimental Techniques and Performance Test of Fluid Machinery and Energy Systems (Master's degree) [39047-ENG] 12/07/2017
Finance I (Financial Markets and Corporate Finance) (Master's degree) [37153-ENG]  24/08/2011
Finance II (Business Valuation) (Master's degree) [37028-ENG] 24/08/2011
Functional Design of Mechanical Systems and Mechanical Vibrations (Master's degree) [39054-ENG] 12/07/2017
Industrial Economics (Master's degree) [37187-ENG] 21/06/2018
Industrial Organization (Optimal Choice and Game Theory and Firm Strategic Behaviour) (Master's degree) [37157-ENG] 24/08/2011
Industrial Plant Management and Lean Manufacturing (Master's degree) [39061-ENG] 12/07/2017
Industrial Statistics (Master's degree) [37155-ENG] 24/08/2011
Lean Manufacturing (Master's degree) [39122-ENG] 21/06/2018
Market Regulation and Health Care (Master's degree) [37186-ENG] 21/06/2018
Mathematical Methods for Engineers (Master's degree) [148002]  14/03/2018
Mechanical Vibrations (Master's degree) [39074-ENG] 12/07/2017
Mechanical Vibrations and Modelling of Mechanical Systems (Master's degree) [39016-ENG] 12/07/2017
Medical Support Systems for Chronic Diseases (Master's degree) [148003] 14/03/2018
Operations Management and Supply and Service Chain Management (Master's degree) [37042-ENG] 24/08/2011
Operations Management and Supply and Service Chain Management (Master's degree) [37154-ENG] 24/08/2011
Process Management in Healthcare (Master's degree) [148006] 14/03/2018
Project and Innovation Management (Master's degree) [37177-ENG] 01/09/2015
Project Management (Master's degree) [37005-IT/EN] 30/09/2010
Risk Management and Derivatives (Master's degree) [37163-ENG] 23/10/2012
Simulation Techniques in Healthcare Processes, Healthcare Operations (Master's degree) [148005] 14/03/2018
Strategic Management (Theory and Practice) (Master's degree) [37176-ENG] 15/07/2014
Supply and Service Chain Management (Master's degree) [37158-ENG] 17/05/2017
Technology Entrepreneurship and Strategy (Master's degree) [148007] 14/03/2018
Transportation Economics and Management (Master's degree) [37170-ENG] 27/08/2012
Vehicle Dynamics and Safety (Master's degree) [23050-ENG] 30/09/2010
Virtual Prototyping and Mechanical Vibrations (Master's degree) [39008-ENG] 12/07/2017