Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods Pubblicazione
Accounting History (Master's degree) [900007-ENG] 12/07/2016
Advanced and International Accounting (Master's degree) [900001-ENG] 07/08/2015
Advanced Econometrics (Master's degree) [110015-ENG] 07/07/2017
Banking and Insurance Companies (Missouri) [87082] 25/08/2011
Business Ethics (Master's degree) [90017-ENG] 30/09/2010
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance (Master's degree) [900002-ENG] 07/08/2015
Change Management and Organization Behaviour (Master's degree) [134004-ENG] 12/07/2016
Corporate Finance (advanced) (Master's degree) [910007-ENG] 02/08/2012
Corporate Finance (advanced) (Master's degree) [910020-ENG] 27/06/2013
Credit and Operational Risks Measurement (Master's degree) [910009-ENG] 06/08/2012
Data Production and Analysis (Master's degree) [110010-ENG] 07/07/2017
Economic Policy and International Institutions (Master's degree) [110014-ENG] 07/07/2017
Economic Statistics and Big Data (Master's degree) [110018-ENG] 07/07/2017
Empirical Industrial Dynamics (Master's degree) [149003-ENG] 26/06/2018
Empirical Labour Economics (Master's degree) [149004-ENG] 26/06/2018
Empirical Methods in Impact Evaluation (Master's degree) [149002-ENG] 26/06/2018
Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (Master's degree) [91071-ENG] 06/08/2012
Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Marketing Strategies (advanced) (Master's degree) [910015-ENG]  09/07/2014
Financial Markets and Institution (advanced) (Master's degree) [910006-ENG] 02/08/2012
Global Strategy and Management Decision (Master's degree) [910021-ENG] 08/07/2014
Industrial Organization - Applied Microeconomics (Master's degree) [110016-ENG] 07/07/2017
International Accounting (Master's degree) [910005-ENG] 02/08/2012
International Business and Trade (Master's degree) [910004-ENG] 02/08/2012
International Business Management (advanced) (Master's degree) [910010-ENG] 06/08/2012
International Business Management (advanced) (Master's degree) [910017-ENG] 08/07/2014
International Finance (Missouri) [87064] 25/08/2011
International Marketing (Missouri) [87063] 25/08/2011
International Monetary Economics (Master's degree) [910003-ENG] 02/08/2012
Knowledge and Marketing Management (Boarding Pass) [91067-ENG] 25/08/2011
Machine Learning for Economics (Master's degree) [110025-ENG] 26/06/2018
Macroeconomics: Theories and Applications (Master's degree) [149005-ENG] 26/06/2018
Managerial Finance (Master's degree) [134003-ENG] 12/07/2016
Managing Product and Brand Innovation (Missouri) [87062] 24/11/2011
Market Research for Business Development and Innovation (Master's degree) [134002-ENG] 12/07/2016
Marketing Strategies (advanced) (Master's degree) [910008-ENG] 25/08/2011
Markets and Companies Law (advanced) (Master's degree) [910002-ENG] 02/08/2012
MATLAB for Finance (Master's degree) [90024-ENG] 25/08/2011
Microeconomics (Master's degree) [110011-ENG] 07/07/2017
Probability and Statistics for Business and Finance (advanced) (Master's degree) [910001-ENG] 02/08/2012
Public Sector Governance (Master's degree) [900006-ENG] 12/07/2016
Quantitative Models for Decision Making (Master's degree) [910018-ENG] 27/06/2013
Risk Assessment and Auditing in Multinational Entities (Master's degree) [900005-ENG] 12/07/2016
Risk Management and Derivatives (Master's degree) [910011-ENG] 06/08/2012
Seminar in Leadership and HRM (Master's degree) [910022-ENG] 09/07/2014
Social Topics in Organization (Master's degree) [134006-ENG] 07/07/2017
Special Topics in Marketing (Missouri) [87051] 25/08/2011
Statistics for Management (Master's degree) [134005-ENG] 12/07/2016
Strategic Management Accounting (Master's degree) [900003-ENG] 07/08/2015
Sustainability Accounting and Governing Sustainability (Master's degree) [900004-ENG]  12/07/2016
Topics in International Business (Missouri) [87099] 13/12/2012
Topics on Globalization (Master's degree) [910012-ENG] 06/08/2012